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I'm Paulo David Muzel.

A new customer usually asks me if I have already created pieces related to their own business. It could be a line of cosmetics, packaging, POS materials, films, presentations for a very specific segment, etc. My answer is too simple:

- If you have aesthetics, you can count on me. It doesn't matter what kind of segment, vehicle / media or what type of communication piece you need. After all, I work since 1995 in the advertising market in art direction.

I've attended and created for the most varied segments of the market. For this reason, I have ease and knowledge in creative processes and tools, strategic planning, digital and print media, graphic production etc. I run communication campaigns on and off-line, whether institutional or to attract new customers and, despite being creative, when necessary, I work in customer service to help in the development and deployment of each new briefing.

I've worked as an art / creative director at the agencies: Publicis Brasil, Corpore Propaganda [Prax Holding agency - W / Brasil], Parra Comunicação, HI - Higgins and Isninghi, among others. But since 2006 I work as a freelancer.

So, if you need a creative and communication specialist, count on me! 

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